PASSUR and uAvionix Partner To Deliver ADS-B Surveillance and Advanced Operations Capabilities to Global Airports

uAvionix ADS-B Hardware to be Deployed as Key Surveillance Component of PASSUR ARiVA Airfield Operations Software Platform


ORLANDO, Fla. September 7, 2022 – PASSUR Aerospace and uAvionix Corporation announced a resell partnership to include uAvionix ADS-B hardware in a single-source, turnkey airport surveillance and airfield operations management solution that can be deployed anywhere in the globe. The combined capability offers a simple and cost-effective way to deploy operational-quality airfield and terminal airspace surveillance along with situational awareness, decision support, and operational performance analysis to airports that currently lack reliable local airfield surveillance and a professional-quality software platform or require enhanced surveillance.
The solution includes a uAvionix pingStation3 ADS-B ground receiver and VTU-20 airport vehicle ADS-B transmitters (FAA certified) with the PASSUR ARiVA web-hosted software subscription. The combined solution set delivers high-fidelity aircraft and vehicle tracking (including airfield surface traffic movement), advance visibility to upcoming airport traffic demand, alerts for various conditions like extended taxi times or airborne holding, and historical capabilities like replaying events for safety reviews, or statistical reports for revenue or regulatory requirements. The program includes hardware installation, regular annual maintenance, and the ARiVA software subscription – all delivered as a single, all-inclusive service package.
Equipping airport vehicles with ADS-B transmitters reduces the likelihood of inadvertent runway incursions, as described by uAvionix in a recent article on bringing NextGen safety benefits to smaller airports.
“This new offering, made possible through our partnership with uAvionix, allows us to put key professional-grade operational capabilities, airfield surveillance and automated statistical reporting into the hands of any small or mid-size airport operator globally,” said Brian Cook, CEO of PASSUR Aerospace.
The service can be deployed anywhere in the world, without limitation. The uAvionix pingStation3 ADS-B Ground Receiver is dual band (978MHz UAT/1090MHz), which means it covers commercial, general aviation, and business aviation traffic globally. PASSUR will offer both the 978 MHz/UAT (domestic US) and 1090 MHz (international) vehicle transmitters for global airfield vehicle tracking. PASSUR ARiVA is a software platform that fuses global flight, airport and airspace data on a single seamless display. Airports purchasing this package have their local airfield data from the PingStation3 (and optional VTU -20s) seamlessly integrated into the ARiVA Global Fused Tracks – giving them access to a worldwide integrated operations support capability.
“We are excited to partner with PASSUR to deliver this powerful solution to airports that currently lack the needed local airfield surveillance, situational awareness, and automated decision support capabilities,” said Christian Ramsey, President of uAvionix. “ADS-B technology has proven to be an important component in airport safety management. This partnership brings those same safety benefits previously only available to the largest airports to the surface of smaller Category 2 and Category 3 airports in an affordable, capable solution.”
About PASSUR Aerospace
PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR) provides the aviation industry with improved situational awareness, decision support, and predictive analytics through the ARiVA product suite. Its flight operations platform and global data feeds offer dynamic flight tracking from origin to destination, continuous alerts and notifications, and real-time collaboration to improve schedule efficiency, IROP mitigation strategies, asset utilization, and overall customer satisfaction. Visit PASSUR Aerospace’s website at for updated products, solutions, and news. Contact us at 888-340-3712.
About uAvionix
uAvionix was founded with the mission of bringing safety solutions to the unmanned aviation industry in order to aid in the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into National Airspace Systems (NAS). uAvionix offers low SWaP TSO certified and uncertified avionics for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets. The team consists of an unparalleled engineering and management team with a unique combination of experience within avionics, surveillance, airport services, UAS aircraft development, radio frequency (RF), and semiconductor industries.

To learn more about uAvionix manned and unmanned products, please visit:

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