PASSUR Aerospace Appoints Kurt Ekert as Non-Executive Vice Chairman

STAMFORD, Conn., July 2021 – Long-time PASSUR board member Kurt Ekert has been appointed non-executive Vice Chairman of the company. In partnership with CEO Brian Cook, Ekert will focus on exploring opportunities to raise additional investment capital for growth. 

“Over the past two years, PASSUR has undergone a material transformation in becoming a SAAS company with a new value proposition, highlighted by the recent launch of the ARiVA* technology platform,” stated Ekert. “I’m eager to work with Brian and the Board to help unlock PASSUR’s great potential.” 

*ARiVA provides situational awareness and decision support for aviation professionals on a single collaborative platform. Learn more about ARiVA here.

“PASSUR is poised for strong growth,” stated PASSUR CEO Brian Cook. “We welcome the expertise and industry acumen that Kurt brings and look forward to PASSUR maximizing its opportunities.”

Learn more about Ekert’s experience here. 

About PASSUR® Aerospace, Inc.

PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR) is the operations platform of choice for aviation experts, offering a unique combination of global data, decision support, and subject matter expertise solutions to improve operational efficiencies. Our platform and people help deliver actionable-data and user-friendly tools to corporate and operations leadership. Specifically, PASSUR products identify creative ways to minimize and eliminate bottleneck capacity constraints, react to irregular operations (IROPS), restart operations after an interruption in service, and enhance the efficiency of the daily schedule. Our collaborative framework uniquely enhances data sharing, communications, and decision-making within and between stakeholders in an operations ecosystem. PASSUR provides its solutions to the largest airlines and airports globally including in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Visit PASSUR Aerospace’s website at for updated products, solutions, and news.

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