GADSS Compliance

GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System) is an ICAO standard that will take effect January 1, 2023.

Don't wait until the deadline

Become GADSS Compliant Today

Don't wait until the deadline

Become GADSS Compliant Today

Don't wait until the deadline

Become GADSS Compliant Today

The Single Best Source For GADSS Compliance

As of January 1, 2023, GADSS requires aircraft to be continuously tracked anywhere in the globe, including over water, mountains, and other uncontrolled airspace, with a minimum update rate of 15 minutes – switching to updates every one (1) minute under “distress conditions.”

ARiVA Global Feed (AGF) is a single-source solution for the data required to comply with GADSS aircraft tracking standards: once-per-minute aircraft positional updates, integrated directly to airline, cargo, or business jet operators’ systems; or through your flight operations support provider. No equipment installations, no manual switchovers. 

AGF fuses 44+ data feeds – including multiple government, ANSP, and commercial surveillance sources – ensuring that no matter where your fleet flies in the world, we’ve got you covered, gate-to-gate at the GADSS-required standard with full redundancy.

AGF consolidates in one feed all the data you need for GADSS Aircraft Tracking compliance – so you can eliminate the added costs and complexity of multiple, overlapping technologies and providers. 

AGF features Aireon Global Satellite Surveillance configured specifically to meet the business, regulatory, and operational requirements of commercial aircraft operators.

ARiVA Global Feed vs. Alternatives

Features/Capabilities ARiVA Global Feed
(powered by Aireon
satellite ADS-B1,
global terrestrial
ADS-B, and other
ADS-C2 ELD-DT3 ACARS4 Satellite ADS-B Only
Fully Functional Without The Need For
Specialized Hardware Installation/Fleet Retrofit
Global Coverage - No Blind Spots Anywhere 5 6
Feeds Existing Airline Systems
Fleet Flexibility7
Fused With All Necessary Additional Data Feeds
  1. Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast
  2. Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract
  3. Emergency Locator Transmitter with Distress Tracking
  4. Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System
  5. ADS-C relies on the Inmarsat System of satellites, which has limited real time coverage of polar routes.
  6. ELD-DT relies on the CopasSarsat System of satellites, which in some geographic areas only supports delayed transmission of location (not real time)
  7. On a monthly basis, you can change data sources by tail, depending on the aircraft’s mission– to optimize your budget.

For more information on how ARiVA Global Feed can be the single source for GADSS Aircraft Tracking requirements, contact us below:


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