OpsVue™ Solutions for Airports

Collaborative decision making (CDM) solutions

The OpsVue™ and OpsVue™ 2020 applications are integrated CDM solutions that improve the business performance of airports, aircraft operators and aviation stakeholders by providing shared situational awareness, monitoring and alerting of operations.

Symphony® OpsVue™ and OpsVue™ 2020

The OpsVue™ applications feature easy-to-use system replay and DVR playback capability. Operations can be easily reviewed with the option to create customizable historical reports. OpsVue™ also synthesizes multiple surveillance sources, providing access to live 24/7 data and gate-to-gate flight-status information, which improves decision making and operations.

The OpsVue™ applications have access to nationwide NextGen surveillance data and displays multiple airport surfaces and terminal areas with a single login for unmatched situational awareness, performance monitoring and alerting capability.

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We Currently Serve


60+ Worldwide Airports


125+ Worldwide Airlines


We Have

200+ Country Surveillance and Flight Data Coverage


Aireon Satellite-Based ADS-B


One of the World’s Largest Terrestrial ADS-B Networks


Our Key Differentiators

Extensive Experience Implementing Solutions for Airlines, Airports, FBOs, & ANSPs


One Common Operational Platform – ARiVA™


Collaborative Workflow Management


Predictive Alerting & Decision Support