Over 9,000 aircraft tails now under contract for real-time operational support, representing 100+ air carriers worldwide

Orlando Fla., April 2, 2024 —PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (PASSUR) proudly announces that it has reached several key milestones in the growth of its ARiVA Global Feed (AGF) data service, marking two years since its official launch, including:

  • Over 9,000 Unique Aircraft Tails: PASSUR has secured contracts to deliver ARiVA Global Feed (AGF) service for more than 9,000 aircraft tails (and growing monthly), representing 100+ airlines, cargo, and other flight operators worldwide.
  • The largest Terrestrial ADS-B Surveillance Network: The integration of the largest combined terrestrial ADS-B network available – boasting more than 55,000 individual sensors across the globe, generating superior coverage, reliability, and redundancy.
  • Leveraging Aireon® Global Satellite Surveillance Network: PASSUR has integrated the Aireon® global satellite network, providing comprehensive space-based ADS-B coverage – including operations-grade surveillance of any airfield in the world.
  • Advanced Global Flight Prediction Technology: Using advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), PASSUR generates early and actionable forecasts of key flight milestones – proven through multiple, independent air carrier studies to be at least 15% more accurate than other sources.
  • Global Flight Status Information: Integration of global Flight Status information (FlightEvents™), such as Out/Off/On/In (“OOOI”) and related information, with synthetic logic to ensure complete data.
  • Support for Global Aeronautical Charges: Data configured to support capture, audit, and billing of aeronautical charges, for any airport or airspace in the world.
  • Support for Global, Real-Time Intelligence and Risk Assessment: Data configured to support real-time aviation risk assessment, intelligence gathering, and law enforcement.

PASSUR delivers its ARiVA Global Feed data services directly to airlines, airports, and other commercial air transport entities; and through its channel partners, who provide aviation operations solutions to the commercial air transport, private aviation, and government sectors.

“We are immensely proud of the rapid growth of AGF, and its enthusiastic market reception, over the course of just two years,” said Brian Cook, PASSUR Aerospace CEO. “To become mission critical to so many airlines, airports, flight operators, and public agencies, and support so many different industry use cases, are achievements worth celebrating. We look forward to continuously investing in our data services infrastructure and product to expand our breadth and depth in this market.”

PASSUR® Aerospace provides data, decision support, and workflow optimization technologies in aviation operations, finance, and environment through its ARiVA data and software platforms. The ARiVA product portfolio assists airports, airlines, business jet operators, air traffic organizations, and government agencies enhance operational efficiency, maximize revenues, reduce delays and disruptions, and enhance safety and environmental sustainability. Through its direct sales force and valued sales channel partners, PASSUR provides services to more than 100 air carriers and flight operators, and more than 120 airports worldwide.

Visit PASSUR Aerospace’s website at for updated products, solutions, and news. Media inquiries should contact Ron Dunsky at (917) 587-9672 or via email at

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