PASSUR completes migration to AWS.

Leveraging the Power of AWS Supports Operational and Global Market Expansion.

Orlando, Florida, September 26, 2023: PASSUR Aerospace (PASSUR) today announced the completion of its systems migration onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing PASSUR to continually expand its aviation data services and collaborative decision-making tools for airports and airlines. PASSUR will now join the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an independent services vendor (ISV).

“The migration to AWS provides numerous benefits to PASSUR and our customers,” said Brian Cook, Chief Executive Officer of PASSUR Aerospace. “Leveraging AWS’s services and infrastructure brings key advantages in deploying and managing our data services and software applications, such as the scalability, security, and reliability of AWS. With AWS, we can enhance our responsiveness to the fast evolution and application of artificial intelligence (AI) and business learning (BL) processes and extend our network of critical aviation industry data sources.”

PASSUR is a market leader in flight data tracking services, airport collaborative-decision-making, noise operations management and landing fee management solutions that address the needs of airports, airlines, and air traffic control organizations globally.

As an APN member, PASSUR joins a global network of 100,000 AWS Partners from more than 150 countries working with AWS to provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals, and deliver value to mutual customers.

“Through the APN, we can expand our business development channels and spread our reputation,” Cook added. “We can take advantage of AWS’s global reach and expertise in the air travel industry to broaden our customer base, identify new opportunities and increase value to customers.”

“Our achievements with AWS are one of many critical steps we are taking to modernize our technology platform and empower customers by delivering a comprehensive source of critical data as well as collaborative decision-making tools,” said Cook.

“AWS’s proven experience in the travel industry, coupled with our portfolio of aviation data solutions, intelligence analysis, and decision-making tools, empowers PASSUR to increase operational resiliency, drive cost efficiency, and deliver exceptional solutions for our customers. Our extensive experience and leveraging the power of AWS will allow us to innovate new data services that address customer needs in airport operations, billing, and revenue, as well as in airline operations centers, flight dispatch, and air traffic control centers, helping aviation enterprises to improve business performance, lower emissions, and enhance the passenger experience, keeping air travel smooth and safe,” added Cook.

About PASSUR Aerospace

PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR) is an operations platform of choice for aviation experts, offering a unique combination of global data, decision support, and subject matter expertise solutions to improve operational efficiencies. Our platform and people help deliver actionable-data and user-friendly tools to corporate and operations leadership. Specifically, PASSUR products identify knowledge-based approaches to minimize and eliminate bottleneck capacity constraints, mitigate irregular operations (IROPS), recover operations after a disruption or interruption in service, and enhance the efficiency of the daily schedule. Our collaborative framework uniquely enhances data sharing, communications, and decision-making within and between stakeholders in an operations ecosystem. PASSUR provides its solutions to the largest airlines and airports globally including in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Visit PASSUR Aerospace’s website at for updated products, solutions, and news.

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